Why you should study in different places

Let me paint a picture that might be known to you all too well: 

You’re sitting at your desk, your books and notepads opened up in front of you, maybe re-watching your favorite episode of Breaking Bad for the 49th time on your iPad and there is no information going in your brain whatsoever.

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How to have healthy glowy skin

Hi my lovelies,
I want to dedicate my post to a little something I like to call “the right kind of skincare”.
Not long time ago I discovered a new way of treating my face to be glowing and soft like a baby tushy. What I found out is that the way you PUT your beauty products on your face has an immense impact on the result.
Why is that?
It actually showed in studies that rubbing your products in in circular movements causes your facial muscles to sag. So what you want to do is after putting on your beauty product, you make one single movement toward your ear, doesn’t matter if you start on your cheeks or your forehead.
While doing so make sure to apply a little pressure.
Look at the pictures below to get a better understanding.

Try to integrate this to your daily morning routine and you will start seeing results within a few days!