Why you should study in different places

Let me paint a picture that might be known to you all too well: 

You’re sitting at your desk, your books and notepads opened up in front of you, maybe re-watching your favorite episode of Breaking Bad for the 49th time on your iPad and there is no information going in your brain whatsoever.

There is an absolute blockage thing going on; maybe it’s that painting on your wall that is staring at you, always. Maybe it’s just the heavy atmosphere that your desk is radiating, or maybe it’s your comfy bed yearning for the warmth of your body.
Studying at home is very comfortable, in fact too comfortable. There is food available at all times, your bed again, change of clothes and your stationery. For me, I really need green tea at all times, freshly brewed at that.
If you study at home a lot and you’re grades are doing good you can stop reading here; but if you study at home (or rather force yourself), you might want to consider making use of this little rotation technique I’m using myself.
What you do basically is, you change your study locations weekly.
I have built myself quite a route, thankfully Vienna is a big city and opportunities to find new places pop up frequently. When I say changing locations I don’t mean this to be a daily thing, that would be very annoying and also counterproductive; making a change every other week works just fine.

How do I do it?

My route is as followed: Starbucks, National library, AKH (the biggest hospital here in Vienna), and libraries of pretty much every universities here.
By changing locations not only will you give your eyes some variety, your brain will start associating that particular place with information your learning. Associating is a very powerful tool and the more of your senses you use, the better the information will stick.
Give it a shot and let me know how it worked for you!
XX, Elif


  1. Lisa September 22

    Hey, i really like your style ! Are you a dentistry student in Vienna, or in another city?(:

    • elif September 23

      Hello dear! thanks for the love =)) yes i do study in Vienna :))


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