Ah yes, the never ending war path to whiter teeth. Most of us tried to whiten their teeth at some point in their lives and as a dental student myself I tried my fair share of bleaching products and a lot of them failed miserably.

At one point I started to look for more unconventional products because the mainstream stuff obviously didn’t. It wasn’t long after I found the BLACK IS WHITE tooth paste from Curaprox, which is nothing like the tooth pastes you know. This stuff is the real hustle!

I am a gal who loves her daily dose of coffee and green tea, the main offenders for discoloured teeth as we all know. If you drink coffee and smoke, your teeth will usually look even worse.
I tried everything, from baking soda at home, to whitening sticks to whitening tooth paste, and they all failed on me. Bleaching at the dentists office can be quite effective, but it tends to be really expensive in the long run and can be really aggressive toward your gums and enamel, so that checked out for me as well.
I have read about the various benefits of activated carbon before and you know me, I never pass up the chance to try new stuff. So I got together with the good folks at CURAPROX and not only did their BLACK IS WHITE paste take away my ugly tea stains, after only 3 days my smile nearly blinded the people around me.

 Exhibit a

                                          Exhibit a.


CURAPROX has been found in 1972 in Swiss and has been a pioneer in dental hygiene and oral health ever since. But their work did not become great over night. Together with various dental professionals and researchers they’ve come a long way to prepare the ultimate teeth whitening paste with an ingredient as black as a black hole: activated carbon.
Their unconventional adding of carbon makes them unique to the whole teeth whitening universe (god knows there are way too many bleaching methods out there, and not exactly the most healthy ones).
With the usual teeth bleaching you have a few setbacks. Bleaching can traumatise your gum, which is of most importance to your overall oral health. It also tends to be abrasive AF which is why a lot of people complain about sensitivity to warm or cold beverages and food afterwards, which is not easy to deal with after the damage is done.
The black is white paste from CURAPROX not only contains activated carbon, but also fluoride and hydroxyapatite, which covers your teeth like a protection shield and help remineralise your enamel (great for people with warm cold sensitivity); its even shown to tackle emerging cavities.

I have been using it for 2 weeks now, and not only do my teeth look extremely white, my gums look healthier than ever and even the occasional headache I used to have has disappeared which seems to be another positive effect of the carbon . I have not experienced any side effects, as the ingredients used are carefully put together and complement each other. BLACK IS WHITE tooth paste does not contain any foam builders, no Triclosan and no bleaching agents like peroxide, all of which can cause side effects in the long run, like increased sensitivity to allergies and even tissue irritation.

Just like every other tooth paste. This one tastes like lemonade instead of 1-800 Mint flavour, so thats another plus.
The folks from CURAPROX send you a pitch black box with a matching black brush in addition to their miracle paste which you can use if you don’t want to stain your electric toothbrush.
I was super psyched to try this out, as I had heard from quite a few people that it gave them gleaming white teeth.
I brushed my teeth with the BLACK IS WHITE paste every morning and evening for about three minutes, and it only took 2 days to see a great difference.
If you have tried with bleaching and failed one too many times I definitely recommend you to give BLACK IS WHITE a chance, you will not be disappointed!

Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you!


Medical disclaimer: I am not a doctor (yet), so please note that using whitening products does not replace your semi annual checkup at the dentist. Before attempting anything at home please seek advice from your GP.

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