How to have perfect skin

At age 26 you might think that you should have kissed pimples and acne good-bye long ago. And when I look around I enviously notice that most people my age have done so.
I havent.

How to have flawless skin in one week, bye bye acne!

Don’t think I haven’t tried every product that claims to clear up your skin, from super-expensive to super-cheap, I have tried them all. After wasting money which could have bought me a van I decided a different approach. Instead of putting a smear of chemical cocktails on my face and neck, I went with what nature gave us, almost.
Maybe you have heard about it already, and yes, I might sound like an overly “satisfied” costumer but the 424 method finally took it home for me. I first heard about it as a routine practiced religiously by Korean women (they also have a routine in which they use 17!!!! layered products), then I read about it on Organic Olivias Blog (this girly got it right!).
What does 424 stand for?
It’s simple: You “cleanse” your face with an oil (e.g. coconut oil) for 4 minutes, then wash with a foam cleanser for 2 minutes and last but not least 4 minutes of splashing your face with warm and cold water.
Ladies, this works. And I don’t mean “meh, it works alright”, I mean “holy ish, this works!”
I never had acne, but my face was still messed up all the time. Dry patches on my foreskin, huge pores on my nose, blackheads, super-sensitive to touch, you get the picture. Gulping about two liters of water a day helped making my skin look less pasty and more hydrated, but blackheads never went way. I honestly thought that I’d be damned to use makeup on even the tiniest pimple or red patch. Now when I wake up I look replenished and healthy, my skin is glowing like crazy; all I do now is using powder to have a base for my blush.
What I learnt using this method is that you should never strip your skin off its natural oils, its what makes your skin itch and go bad. Your skin needs oil. The sooner you accept this fact the sooner you will save yourself the agony.
So without further ado, here are instructions for your healthy, flawless complexion.
What you will need: 
Coconut oil (you can use almond oil, but try coconut; it has anti-inflammatory properties and smells great)
foam cleanser
anti aging serum for your eyes
Elifs Fashionblog

Almond oil works just as well as coconut oil!


Always make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching your face. You don’t want the germ from door handles on your face.
Before you start using any product take a small towel, soak it in hot water and steam your face for 10 seconds (please don’t burn yourself). This will help open up your pores and get rid of face-goo faster.
After this spoon some coconut oil with your finger tip and smear it all over your face.
For 4 minutes now, rub, squeeze and pinch your face with the oil, using lots of different strokes and directions. By doing so you remove ALL the dirt that accumulated on your face and hydrate it.
Without washing off the oil take a little foam cleanser and simply rub over it.
Do this for 2 minutes.
Next thing you do is rinsing the goo with warm water and cold water after. The cold water will help close the pores up and hydrate.
If you feel like you need to apply moisturizer you can do that. What I usually do is dabbing on eye serum (do this with your ring finger, the skin around your eyes are sensitive and the ring finger the least strong of your fingers!). After serum you may apply some moisturizer or even coconut oil.
If you have plenty more products you want to apply remember to go from lightest texture to heaviest.
That’s about it ladies! Believe me when I say that this is one awesome routine and you WILL see results within a few days, without loading whole lot of chemicals on your face and spending a fortune.
Just make sure to do this every evening as part of your before bed time routine.
Good luck!
Xoxo, Elif


  1. ConnY November 3

    Nice 🙂

    • elif November 9

      thank you very much! =)

  2. Miss Vogue September 9

    Gonna try this!! Fingers crossed!!

    • Elif February 10

      Let me know how it went love!

  3. roger masrani July 31

    amazing tip..thanks for sharing

    • Elif July 31

      You’re very welcome Roger! Happy if it works for you 🙂
      Xoxo Elif


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