How to lighten hair fast and all natural

Ahoi my lovelies!

Let’s face it, at some point we all die to have some cute blond highlights; it just gives you a nicer and more friendly look.

How to lighten hair- Eifs Fashionblog

First off, I never had and hopefully never will dye my hair with average hair colours.


For a number of reasons: commercial hair dye seems to really put a lot of damage to your hair. A lot of my friends with dyed hair seem to have only left a few strands of their once luscious locks, making them look like chicken which came out of a huge cat fight. With those few broken hair they can’t possibly look appealing, let aside feel good.

Another thing is that once you start dying, you have to do it ALL THE TIME! Not only does that leave you broke after a while but also a little paranoid since you don’t know when your hairline becomes inacceptable.

I had dark chocolate brown hair and currently have an ombre look with light caramel. I achieved my look by using stuff that you can find in any supermarket and your kitchen.

Elifs Fashionblog

Now, with my DIYs you can either lighten your hair, or make red hair look stronger and with a few tips even darken your hair, if that’s what you want. I had very good results with my DIYs, but please note that whatever you choose to do is at your own risk and that I am not responsible for your outcome whatsoever.

Now that we’re done with the disclaimer let’s get down to business.

STEP 1:  What is your current hair colour?


brown to black haired, going for blonde -> Hydrogen peroxide or lemon DIY

red haired, going for stronger colour -> cinnamon DIY

blonde, going for strawberry -> cinnamon DIY

blonde, going for even lighter -> Hydrogenperoxide or lemon DIY

light hair, going for darker -> tea DIY


Choose whichever is right for you and follow up on

STEP 2:  Make your DIY

A few hints beforehand: make sure to wear an old shirt when doing some of these DIYs, it may become pretty messy. Also, you do not need to wash your hair extra for a DIY, it’s actually better to do it on hair which hasn’t been washed for a few days (seems to work better)

Also don’t forget to ALWAYS condition your hair after every DIY, for it may become brittle if you don’t. If you don’t want to go through the trouble get yourself a little bottle of almond oil from the drug store (in Österreich kriegt man Mandelöl in jeder Apotheke J

If you know which DIY you want to go for, choose below and do as listed.


Cinnamon DIY

Elifs Fashionblog

What you will need :

A bowl

Your favourite conditioner (mine is Aussie)

Ground cinnamon

Olive or almond oil

An old shirt

A kitchen brush

A few hair clippers

Put about 6 spoons of cinnamon into your bowl, add a few generours squirts of your conditioner, one spoon of olive or almond oil and mix very well. At the end you should have a gooey porridge which shouldnt be all too liquidy (it wont stick to your hair!)

When youre done mixing part your hair in the middle, take the kitchen brush, dip in and start at brushing it from top to bottom.

Do this until your hair is covered really good (DO NOT BRUSH THE GOO ON YOUR FACe! IT MIGHT BECOME ITCHY!)

Next take the clippers and clip your hair in tiny rolls, wrap a towel around it and let it sit in for about 8 hours.

With this method you might need 2 weeks to see a change, so I recommend doing this twice a week. It worked out just nicely for me!

Hydrogenperoxide DIY

Elifs Fashionblog

What you need :

An empty spray bottle

Hydrogenperoxide 3%


A towel

Now this method shows results within a matter of hours, even if your hair is dark. You can find hydrogenperoxide in any drug store for about a dollar (für deutschsprachige Mädels: Wasserstoffperoxid gibt’s beim MÜLLER).

I had great results with this, but I also have to note that if you have dark hair and want to use this method you best have a silver shampoo at home. Hydrogen peroxide will turn your hair reddish, but if washed with silver shampoo you will have beautiful caramel shades. Also before applying it to your whole head take a strand which no one can see if your hair is normally open and test on it. If you like what you see you can proceed.

Take an empty (if possible dark spray bottle -> peroxide dissolves in light), fill half with water and add another half of peroxide. Shake well and start spraying on your hair.

When youre done your hair should be damp, not soaked. Wrap a towel around them and let it sit for about half an hour. After that wash as usual and dont forget to condition.

How I used the hydrogenperoxide :

My hair is originally pretty dark, so I didnt delude the hydrogenperoxide. Instead I used the 3% as it was and got good results.

You can do it like me if you want really big change, but if youre going for more subtle shades I recommend diluting it.


Its not always about lightening your hair, you might want to have darker shades. In that case I recommend the tea DIY.

Just take a teabag of Earl Grey or classic black tea, pour hot water in your cup and let it sit for 20 minutes. Letting it sit for this long has a simple reason : it will stain your hair better.

Do this DIY when youre about to wash your hair. Shampoo and wash as usual and then rinse with the tea (please do not pour the boiling cup on your head…)

Not only will it give you nice dark shades, also your hair will smell delish and shine like gloss.

Try out and let me know how these DIYs worked for you!

PS: These are my results =)

How to lighten hair- Eifs Fashionblog


  1. Marcy October 10

    You left out the lemon dig, =(

    • Elif February 10

      Hi Marcy,

      Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll be posting it in a few days, stay tuned!

      xx, elif

  2. Xuan October 13

    Can I use a 6% hydrogen peroxide? I went to the pharmacy n asked for it. They only had a 6%. But apparently that guy who worked there said it can be used on hair? I haven’t got my license yet, so I can only go to the pharmacy in my area

    • Elif February 10

      Hi Xuan,

      You should be careful with 6%, since your hair is jet black as you said. Start off with 3%, its much safer and if you blow dry your hair while its still in you get the same results. 6% may be too harsh and leave you with ugly red or orange strands.

      If you have any more questions let me know 🙂

      xx, elif

      • Xuan March 4

        Hey Elif.
        well i admit it was kinda harsh on my hair. i actually bought hair dye. the ready made type. i just have to press n then apply it to my hair. until i dyed 3 times only i can see a slight result. my hair is still kinda black. the brown colour can only be seen under bright sun. should i continue or ……??

        • Elif March 9

          Hi Xuan!
          Ive seen hair like yours, you can use 3 boxes and even then you will turn orange instead of blonde, because your hair is full of red pigments.
          If you keep on dyeing your hair you will go from dark brown to orange to bright yellow. At that point you will have to use an ash blonde toner to neutralize the orange.
          But you have to know that at that point your hair might feel like straw and even fall off in chunks.
          Before you invest in too much money and too many applications go to your hair stylist and let him/her do it in one seating. Dyeing your hair too often in a short period of time is much more dangerous than doing it in one sitting. Its much healthier for your wallet too (I dyed my moms hair blonde once, and spend over 100 Euros!).
          Take my advice and entrust your hair to a professional!
          Good luck!

  3. Xuan October 13

    Sorry, I forgot to mention my hair color. It’s jet black
    I have tried using lemon only. But there’s no effect at all

  4. Isabella November 10

    When you used the cinnamon method, how much did your hair lighten? I’ve got dark brown hair, and I’d love to get it one or two shades lighter, just a bit of a lighter brown 🙂

    • Elif February 10

      Hi Isabella,

      it did lighten quite a bit, and my hair is really dark brown. But you have to know that cinnamon tends to show your red pigments, so you will have dark hair with pigments exposed which gives the impression that your hair got lighter.

      If you want to lighten a little bit take a spray bottle, fill half with 3% peroxide and half with water. Also make sure to add a few drops almond oil, this will prevent you from drying your locks out.
      Spritz on your formula and blow dry your hair so the peroxide will work faster. Make sure to use silver shampoo to give your hair an ashy tone 🙂

      xx, elif

  5. ella November 18

    i wanna know how to go from red hair to blond

    • Elif February 10

      Hi Ella,

      if you want to go from red to blond you should try the lemon method or gradually build lighter tones with 3% hydrogen peroxide. I also recommend that you use silver shampoo or anyting with a blue tinge, so you can keep it ashy.

      xx, elif

  6. alex gonzalez January 7

    so, this is basically the first time im actually gonna change the color of my hair… discreetly, cuz i still abide by my parents rules… i wanna use the hydro peroxide method, but i cant do it all exactly the same, it has to be on the down low… ima dude btw

    • Elif February 10

      Haha I know what you mean, I couldnt touch my hair until I was 25 😀 you should be careful Alex, men do tend to have slightly less thick hair than women, so be careful what you do with your locks.
      If you still want to lighten your hair I recommend that you use 3% hydrogen peroxide and lighten them step by step.

      xx, elif

  7. alex January 7

    so after i spray it on, do i HAVE to wrap it in a towel?

    • Elif February 10

      Hi Alex,
      you dont have to necessarily wrap them, but if you want maximum results you should expose your hair to some sort of heat.
      If its in summer you can use the torching sun and skip the towel altogether 🙂

      xx, elif

  8. Aleyah February 14

    hi, I have dark brown hair, so dark that people think it is black. I want to know if only using just hydrogen peroxide (3%) will help it lighten like a lot, I’ve never liked the color of my hair and always wanted it to be lighter, do you think just spraying it in hydrogen peroxide will work?

    • Elif February 14

      Hi Aleyah,

      With really dark hair like yours you should always be careful; always start off with 3%, you will already notice a great difference with just that, even if your hair is thick. Use it for about 3 days in a row, do not do this every day! For very dark hair like yours I would even recommend diluting the peroxide with water, just to get your hair used to it!
      XX, Elif

      • Brianna February 28

        On your comment you had said to do it three days in a row and then said not to do it everyday , what do you mean by that?

        • Elif February 28

          Hi Brianna,
          what I mean is when you first start off doing it, do it every day for a little bit; when I started to lighten them peroxide I diluted 3% with water, which is a weak concoction actually, but this does the least damage. I liked to spray it on, then blow dry it for faster results. I did this for 3 days in a row, then left my hair alone. No washing, no spraying during those 3 days. Day 4 I used silver shampoo to lessen the red tinge.
          I recommend to do this for 2 weeks top, otherwise your hair will break and look like straw. Trust me, if you have dark hair you will notice a difference after 2 days.

          xoxo, elif

  9. Ashley March 9

    I want to umbre my hair to a light( almost blonde) brown. I was planning on using the hydlogen peroxide, but I don’t know what silver shampoo is and if my hair will be dry. Please answer quickly so I can do this faster

    • Elif March 9

      Hi there Ashley!
      What colour is your hair now and how thick is it?

      xoxo, elif

  10. Rida May 4

    Hi, my hair is naturally jet black. Ive tried using hair colors but they didn’t affect. I want to lighten my hair to a shade between a dark and medium brown. How do u think I can do that? Also I have a 2 month deadline and I really don’t want to go for chemicals. Plus there’s no hydrogen peroxide available here. So pls suggest me something which doesn’t involve hydrogen peroxide

  11. Maria June 29

    If I do the hydrogen peroxide method how long will the results last? Will I still be able to donate my hair since I have never dyed it and have only done this?

    • Elif July 31

      Hello dear!
      I’m not sure how that works with donated hair, but it shouldn’t be a big issue if your hair is still healthy after coloring

      Xoxo, elif

  12. Erika July 31

    Hi i need to know if a kid would be ok to do this my 12 year old daughter wants higlighst but i wont let her dye her hair her hair is dark brown

    • Elif July 31

      Hello Erica!
      If your daughter wants highlights I would strongly suggest that you do the lemon DIY. Squeeze the juice of two organic lemons in a spray bottle, dilute with a little water and spritz it on the strands she wants highlighted. Let her play in the sun and she should have her highlights after three applications 🙂 don’t forget sunscreen 😉
      Xoxo Elif

  13. EmilyJo October 27

    I have sandy blonde hair and I want to go to snow blonde which one would I use?

    • Elif October 29

      Hi Emily,
      if youre already sandy blonde try the peroxide method: take an empty and clean spray bottle (not seethrough, otherwise the peroxide will break down) and fill in half water and half 3% peroxide, maybe adding a few drops of almond oil so your hair does not get stressed out; spritz this on. Do this every 2 days for a week and then use a silver shampoo. This should give you your desired result 🙂


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