How to deco your room in minimal Nordic design

Its been all over Instagram and Pinterest and Youtube Channels of various bloggers- the minimal or Nordic design. I always tried to keep my own rooms deco as minimal as possible, and after getting my own apartment I stuck to minimal design. Ive always thought that peoples homes are a reflexion of their own creativity and what one can do with so many decoration options, especially in this day and age.


Bed - Malmo IKEA ╳ Carpet - Mömax

Bed – Malmo IKEA ╳ Carpet – MÖMAX ╳ Desk – IKEA

During winter and summer as well I like to keep a thick wool plaid around my feet; when I get up in the mornings I am always cold, no matter how hot of a summer day it is. Plus it really gives me the coziest feeling when brewing my coffee, and that makes getting up more bearable. Wrap it up!

Elifs Fashionblog Pillows

Throw pillows – HM ╳ Bedsheets – HM

Nothing looks as together as throw pillows in faded colors or with imprints. When I get up I kind of push the pillows together and make them stand so to speak – classes up your bed instantly.


Nightstand – AMAZON ╳ Candle – DIPTYQUE

Tbh, the DIPTYQUE candle already burnt down, but that doesnt mean that you cant reuse the glass it came in. I just stick a plain white candle in and its ready to go. Water is always on my nightstand, as I drink a lot and grab a bottle first thing in the morning. Looks nice, and is good for your health.




Dont be fooled by the way my desk looks all neat and tidy- the drawers are a mess and the desk itself is an even bigger mess when my exams are close. Feeling home and relaxed will help to boost your creativity, but if youre in the middle of studying or working on a great exciting project do not stop your flow by decluttering your desk in a panic. Leave it be and clean up after youre done. Or not.


Marble case – HM Home

Last but not least- the goop zone. This place I actually like to keep super clean because bacteria on and around your makeup are very real and not to be messed with. The vanity is from IKEA and doesnt take up much place, which makes it so great.

This was my bedroom tour basically, hope you like it and got a little inspiration for yourself!

Xoxo, Elif

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