What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag? What should you always carry with you? Since I spend most of my day at uni sitting in long lectures or at seminars I cannot survive without these items.


A lot of people love to put everything in their bag, but if you have bags which are high quality you might cringe everytime you have to fill them up; so what I like to do is put all my important stuff in my designer bag and put the rest (like water bottle, tupperware and macbook) into a paper bag like the ones from COS.

What I never miss in my bag is a bottle. Make sure to drink plenty of water ladies, otherwise your skin will turn pasty! Believe me, I know. My skin is mixed and if I miss my daily dose of H2O my skin starts crumbling like pie, my already big nose pores look even bigger. Don’t skip the water, no matter how stressed out and busy you are.

Also check out this outfit, it’s so fetch (I’m having a huge thing for parkas lately)

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